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Demos are limited but playable versions of Guild Wars 2 that are held at convention shows for players to experience. The following demos list the main features and any major changes made since the previous one. See the beta page for more information about pre-release gameplay.

Demo 1 (gamescom 2010, Paris Games Week 2010)[править]

The first demo available to the public was presented at gamescom 2010 in Cologne. In this demo, four classes (Elementalist, Ranger, Warrior and Necromancer) were playable, with necromancers' debut. This demo allowed players to experience human starter areas, as well as Queensdale and Divinity's Reach, and the Blazeridge Steppes as a mid-level charr with a chance to participate in the Slay the Shatterer event. It also introduced most of the systems in the game, including dye system, trait system, achievement system, etc.

Demo 2 (GDC 11, PAX East 2011)[править]

Originally prepared to debut at PAX East 2011, some information of this demo was leaked through and other media soon after GDC 11 was held. In this demo players could tour Gendarran Fields and Wayfarer Foothills, which is the starter area for norn characters, and allowed players to create guardians and thieves in addition to the classes of the first demo. The UI got revamped, and the crafting system was introduced.

Demo 3 (Fanday, ComicCon 2011)[править]

This demo featured the additions of underwater combat and engineers. The UI was slightly changed, such as the casting bar and menu bar. Like the second demo, the zones available were Gendarran Fields for charr and humans and Wayfarer Foothills for norn. Ascalon Catacombs, the first playable dungeon, was available in this demo at Fanday and the associated press event, but not at SDCC.

Demo 4 (gamescom 2011, PAX 2011, Eurogamer Expo 2011, Paris Games Week 2011)[править]

This demo allowed players to experience all five races with seven revealed professions. The available zones of the demo were the starter zones of charr, human and norn. Sparkfly Fen, the new mid-level area, featured asura, sylvari, with three other races, as well as underwater combat and a boss fight. Structured PvP and physical appearance debuted in this demo, too.[1] Significant mechanism changes took place in this demo, including the removal of energy potions and energy use of skills; traits were disabled temporarily as a result of this revamp.[2]

Demo 5 (G-Star 2011)[править]

This demo introduced enhanced character customization, along with redone NPC models, improved cinematic conversations and modified equipment and skill panel.