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Desert Borderlands

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The Desert Borderlands are three identical borderlands maps in World versus World, with each map belonging to one of the participating worlds. Players on their own borderland spawn at the Citadel towards the north of the map; players from the other two worlds spawn in either the south-east or south-west corners of the map.



  • Air Keep — large canyons guarded by a tengu
  • Earth Keep — asuran ruins guarded by an earth-infused golem
  • Fire Keep — underground, surrounded by lava, and guarded by Fire Elementals


  • Mage College — guarded by a powerful elementalist
  • Ogre Tower — guarded by an ogre thief
  • Charr Tower — guarded by a charr engineer
  • Lich Tower — guarded by undead minions and a lich


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Controlling each of the regional shrines gives a unique effect. While the world owns the region's keep, players gain effects depending on the number of shrines owned by the world.

Air Keep
  1. Activates Jump Pads and allow players to quickly climb cliffs
  2. Activates Wind Turrets that knockback foes
  3. Grants immunity to falling damage while in the region
Earth Keep
  1. Activates Rock Walls that appear when foes are nearby and players cannot cross
  2. Activates Earth Turrets that cripple foes in the area
  3. Activates Sandstorm in the canyons and grant stealth while out of combat
Fire Keep
  1. Activates an altar that creates Inferno Eggs that grant the Inferno Hound transformation
  2. Activates Fire Turrets that damage foes
  3. Grants immunity to burning and lava while in the region, allowing access to walk across lava and use Lava Portal, which lead to locations within the keep

The Oasis[править]

  • Requires players to gather power cores from nearby creatures and return each to camps to activate the cannon
  • Once activated, the cannon deals damage to all enemy's structures outer walls
  • The event occurs every 3 hours



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