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Тип эффекта
Игр. ссылка

You are considered Dishonorable because you've repeatedly abandoned your team during rated PvP matches. You may not participate in PvP until this effect expires.

— Внутриигровое описание


  • If a player has the maximum amount of dishonor (3 stacks), they will be prevented from joining Solo and Team Arenas in structured PvP.
    • Each stack lasts for 72 hours
    • Stacks expire while offline
    • Players are not prevented from joining Custom Arenas in structured PvP, World versus World, or playing PvE content
  • Disconnecting, relogging, or changing characters during a match does not grant dishonorable, with some exceptions
    • Being kicked by AFK detection automatically adds a stack
    • Being absent from a match when the match has ended adds a stack
  • Customer Support is not able to remove dishonor stacks or reduce the time that someone is prevented from joining rated games.


  • This effect was added in the August 6, 2013 game update. The maximum amount of dishonor was changed from 5 stacks to 3 later, to better address the issue of voluntary match abandonment.