Dragon Bash 2020

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Tyrians held the first Dragon Bash after Zhaitan's defeat—an expression of relief and joy at beating impossible odds. With Jormag's influence on the rise, it's more important than ever to commemorate your victories with an annual party!

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Dragon Bash is a release launched on June 23rd, 2020 and ending on July 14th.

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The following mail is sent to all players upon first login:


Knut Whitebear

It's time for Dragon Bash!

It wouldn't be a proper celebration without your attendance. Join me in Hoelbrak for another moot for the ages! There will be tests of strength, racing, food, song, and most importantly—ale.

I'll see you there. Unless, of course, you don't enjoy fun.

—Knut "Wrangler of Issormir" Whitebear

Skill.png Invitation to Dragon Bash


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