Dragon Bash Mini Pack

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Double-click to receive a miniature holographic Branded minotaur, axe-wielding destroyer, and a corrupted wolf.

— Внутриигровое описание

Using the Dragon Bash Mini Pack will yield the following three miniatures:


Special gift[править]

Any player who bought gems prior to the release of Dragon Bash received the mini pack for free, along with the following mail:


The Guild Wars 2 Team

Thank You!

Because you purchased gems through our Gem Store or via a Guild Wars 2 Gem Card between the launch of Guild Wars 2 and June 9, 2013, please enjoy the attached gift from ArenaNet. These minis are available in the Gem Store for a limited time to celebrate Dragon Bash but we wanted you to have a set for free. We really appreciate your continued support!

—The Guild Wars 2 Team

20x20px Dragon Bash Mini Pack