Drydock Scratch

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Drydock Scratch

Drydock Scratch is a jumping puzzle covering the underground skritt caves and clifftops in the Silverwastes.

Getting there[править]

Starting from Camp Resolve, go north-west towards Northern Shelf and then east to Picaroon Scratch. Go down the stairs along the eastern wall and then west through the cave until you reach Drydock Grotto Waypoint. If the gate at the stairs is shut, you'll have to complete Drive the bandits out of skritt territory first.


The main goal of Drydock Scratch is to find and pass 9 milestones marked with red flags located in the vast underground network under the Silverwastes as well as on the cliffs above it. It doesn't contain any truly difficult jumps, rather, it focuses on the exploration and puzzle aspect. Bear in mind that completing it can take from 15 minutes up to several hours.


  • Skritt tunnels marked as 18px are dead ends and they'll send you to the beginning of the jumping puzzle.
    • If you pay the kits standing next to them 1 copper, silver or gold, you'll gain a buff for an hour which will cause these holes to send you 2 milestones before, 1 milestone before or to the last milestone that you have reached instead, respectively.
    • The closest such kit to the entrance is just below the first milestone behind the ship.
  • In many places where you die due to falling damage, skritt will jump from the ground to revive you, but this might not always be the case. There are several drops along the way high enough to kill you, so you might still want to use a falling damage reduction trait to be sure.
  • Not only do the Velocity Elixirs give you swiftness when you stand under them, they also usually help guide you through the correct route. Similarly, chests scattered throughout the puzzle, except the one in Quarrel Gully, guide you correctly.