Dual Attack

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the Weaver's unique weapon mechanic.. Для the Thief's weapon mechanic, смотрите Dual Wield.

Dual Attack is a skill type exclusive to the elementalist specialization Weaver. They are weapon skills located in the third slot of the skill bar, resulting from being attuned to two different elements at once. The order of the attunements does not matter, e.g. main-hand Fire with off-hand Water results in the same Dual Attack as the other way around.

List of dual skills[править]

Attunement Main-hand weapon
Dagger Scepter Staff Sword Trident
Fire Attunement.png
Water Attunement.png
Steam Surge.png
 Steam Surge
Fiery Frost.png
 Fiery Frost
Pressure Blast.png
 Pressure Blast
Twin Strike.png
 Twin Strike
Hydrothermal Vent.png
 Hydrothermal Vent
Fire Attunement.png
Air Attunement.png
Plasma Burst.png
 Plasma Burst
Plasma Beam.png
 Plasma Beam
Plasma Blast.png
 Plasma Blast
Pyro Vortex.png
 Pyro Vortex
Plasmic Strike.png
 Plasmic Strike
Fire Attunement.png
Earth Attunement.png
Ashen Blast.png
 Ashen Blast
Fracturing Strike.png
 Fracturing Strike
Pyroclastic Blast.png
 Pyroclastic Blast
Lava Skin.png
 Lava Skin
Molten Burst.png
 Molten Burst
Water Attunement.png
Air Attunement.png
Katabatic Wind.png
 Katabatic Wind
Glacial Drift.png
 Glacial Drift
Monsoon (weaver skill).png
Shearing Edge.png
 Shearing Edge
Absolute Zero.png
 Absolute Zero
Water Attunement.png
Earth Attunement.png
Mud Slide.png
 Mud Slide
Stone Tide.png
 Stone Tide
Natural Frenzy.png
 Natural Frenzy
Elemental Compression.png
 Elemental Compression
Air Attunement.png
Earth Attunement.png
Grinding Stones.png
 Grinding Stones
Earthen Synergy.png
 Earthen Synergy
Pile Driver.png
 Pile Driver
Gale Strike.png
 Gale Strike
Sodden Swath.png
 Sodden Swath


  • Dual Attack skills do not gain recharge time reduction from traits specific to a certain attunement such as Pyromancer's Training.