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I will surely contact you again.

— E

E, nicknamed Mister E by Kasmeer Meade, is an enigmatic (and currently unidentifiable) benefactor of Delaqua Investigations. His earliest known activity was soon after the murder of Mendel by a corrupt Ministry Guard, when he grabbed Marjory Delaqua from behind and proposed a working relationship that she "wouldn't forget." He was described as gently moving, having a deep voice, and no necromantic power.

In 1326 AE, E contacted capable players, imploring them to attend the effigy lighting ceremony of the Dragon Bash festival in Lion's Arch, having heard whispers of a possible threat to the Ship's Council. He stated that "I'd intervene myself, but circumstances prevent it." After the Aetherblade attack on the festival and the death of Councillor Ashford, he requested that players seek out Marjory and work with her to discern the nature of the threat. In 1327 AE, E contacted the players again, giving them word of a disturbance in Brisban Wildlands, which turned out to be giant vines breaking open a passage through a mountain into Dry Top. Countess Anise is similarly contacted after Queen Jennah is accused of conspiring with Scarlet Briar just before the world summit.


  • Although E is usually referred to as male, Kasmeer Meade has pointed out that we do not actually know if this is the case, or even if E is a single person.