Elixir Cookin'

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Elixir Cookin'

Живой Мир: Сезон 3
A Crack in the Ice
Bitterfrost Frontier
(Дальние Шиверпики)
Elixir Recipe
The Bitter Cold (story)


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Elixir Cookin' is the fifth part of A Crack in the Ice.


Stirring the Pot
  • Find the hot springs where you'll cook the elixir.
  • Ask Farmer Simooba where to find the hottest spring.
  • Cook the elixir.



Take the ingredients to Blister Cauldron point of interest.


Elixir Cookin'

Simply complete the episode.




Upon reaching the Whorl Lagoon and finding Farmer Simooba
Farmer Simooba: Hoo hoo! Are you friend or foe?
<Character name>: Friend. Most assuredly.
Farmer Simooba: Quaggan is very glad. Quaggan doubts quaggan could outrun you. Though quaggan would try.
<Character name>: (laugh) You don't have to. I'm here for the hot springs. I heard they were the hottest in Tyria.
Farmer Simooba: One of them is hottest. Not for bathing or swimming like the others. Only for cooking. Why do you need water so hot?
<Character name>:I have to make an elixir that will let me enter the bitter cold. I have to kill one of Jormag's minions.
Farmer Simooba:(gasp) Oh, boOOo. Quaggan fears for you. You must not do something so foOOolish.
<Character name>: Don't worry. I'm quite resourceful when I need to be. Now, where's that hot spring?
Farmer Simooba: What you seek is not far, but quaggan will not show you where. You run toward your death.
<Character name>: I'll do my best not to die.
Farmer Simooba: That would be well advised. Good-bye, probably forever. So sad.
After interacting with the hot spring and creating the elixir
<Character name>: I wish this stuff smelled better.
Taimi: Commander? You busy?
<Character name>: Only if you count fighting Svanir and icebrood...
Taimi: Oh, just another day on the job, hm? Well, I wanted to know whether you'd had any luck finding an altered minion?
<Character name>: All the ones I'm seeing are normal, but I have a lead on something. I'm working on getting to where it is.
Taimi: If I were a supposing kind of genius--which I am--I'd suppose Primordus must have soaked up more Mordremoth energy.
Taimi: Maybe proximity matters, and since Jormag's so far away, it didn't receive as much Mordy juice.
<Character name>: Makes sense. That would explain why I'm not seeing any altered ones yet. I'll keep looking thought.
Taimi: Try not to get killed in the process, okay? I'd miss our little talks. Buh-bye! Over and awesome!


My story[править]

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The hot springs were a welcome respite from the cold, but even they're overrun with Svanir and icebrood. I met a quaggan farmer there named Simooba who showed me the hottest spring of all. Its waters flow up from near the heart of Tyria, and they were just what I needed to cook my thaw elixir. I have it now, so I'm ready to breach Jormag's bitter cold.

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