Elixir Recipe

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Elixir Recipe

Живой Мир: Сезон 3
A Crack in the Ice
Bitterfrost Frontier
(Дальние Шиверпики)
Frozen in Ice
Elixir Cookin'


Экран загрузки

Elixir Recipe is the fourth part of A Crack in the Ice.


Ingredient Gathering
  • Loot packets of frostbitten suet from creatures you kill.
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Get fresh winterberries from gathering nodes.
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  • Find a source for cold-resistant eggshells.
  • Find a firestone.
  • Talk to Woomulla, the quaggan conservationist.
  • Talk to Hooga Dizdiz and Sun Warming about your quest.
  • Collect eggs, place them in the incubator, and retrieve shells once they hatch.
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Flexible Sticks: X/4
  • Chicken Feathers: X/4
  • Shiny Ice: X/4




Elixir Recipe

Simply complete the episode.





Speaking to Woomulla and Eagle Flight
Woomulla: Hoo!
Eagle Flight: The griffons in this copse are protected. What is your business here?
<Character name>: Hello. I'm looking for ingredients for an elixir I need. Would you help me determine where I might find them?
Eagle Flight: What ingredients, may I ask?
<Character name>: Yes. Winterberries, cold-resistant eggshells, frost-bitten suet, a fire stone, and a hot sprint. Have you seen these?
Eagle Flight: Watch out for Svanir. They come here regularly to abscond with baby griffons--and they take swings at us too.
Woomulla: Hmm. You could help find abandoned griffon eggs. They're under piles of snow. Quaggan would love you forever.
Eagle Flight: They're not smart enough to understand that if you kill all the griffons there will be no more eggs.
Woomulla: The griffon mothers are being killed by the Svanir before they can sit upon the eggs and warm them.
<Character name>: Not the sharpest icicles on the roof, are they?
Eagle Flight: (laugh) No, they are not. And yet, they are a formidable foe. We've been forming alliances against them.
When presenting an abandoned griffon egg
Eagle Flight: We are warming them ourselves.
<Character name>: You sit on them?
Eagle Flight: Great glaciers, no. We put them in the incubator.
Woomulla: It incubates the egg so it can hatch. Snow griffon eggs can survive in the cold for months, just waiting to be warmed up.
<Character name>: I'll see if I can find any unhatched eggs for you.
Speaking to Hooga Dizdiz and Sun Warming after receiving the egg shells and frostbitten suet
Hooga Dizdiz: You, you, you. Who you? What you want?
<Character name>: Hello. I don't mean to trespass. I seek allies against the Svanir.
Sun Warming: Any enemy of the Svanir is a friend of ours. It's okay, Hooga. We can talk.
Hooga Dizdiz: Grrr. Talking, talking. Always talking.
Sun Warming: Those who aren't already corrupted by Jormag must work t ogether if any of us are to survive.
<Character name>: I'm glad to hear that. I'm looking for ingredients that will help in a fight against an icebrood.
Sun Warming: What do you seek?
<Character name>: A fire stone and a the wehreabouts of hot springs.
Sun Warming: A fire stone? The grawl have them, but you'll have to earn their respect or they'll never give you one.
<Character name>: Can you advise me? How should I go about it?
Sun Warming: They love their goddess. If you construct a shring to honor her, I am confident they would reward you.
Sun Warming: And please be as respectful as possible with them. We need this alliance to last.
After building the shrine to Chococooka
Hooga Dizdiz: Oot! Ooot! Chokocooka happy. Shrine good.
<Character name>:I'm glad Chokocooka likes it.
Hooga Dizdiz: Ook, is good. Hah! Stone for you!
<Character name>: Just what I needed. I don't suppose you know where I could find fresh, hot--very hot--water, do you?
Sun Warming: Yes, indeed. There are springs not far from here. You will find very hot water there.
<Character name>:Thank you! And good luck. Long live Chokocooka!
Hooga Dizdiz: Ooot ooot!


My story[править]

Файл:Bitterfrost Frontier loading screen.jpg

My quest to collect the ingredients for the thaw elixir brought many adventures my way. I found the winterberries, griffon eggshells, and frostbitten suet, and I also managed to coax a firestone from the grawl by honoring their goddes Chokocooka — an old norn statue that was reclaimed from the ice.

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