Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant

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Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant is an achievement category that guides players through creating a portal device to access the final story instance: Scarlet's Playhouse.

Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant.png
Всего достижений: 6 Очко мастерства Default 10 Очко достижений
Emissary Vorpp's Field Assistant Очко достижений
Complete all of the achievements necessary to recreate one of Scarlet's portals. 5/5 Portal Investigation Steps Completed Очко достижений
First Portal Invasion Responder Очко достижений
Find the site of the first portal invasion in Gendarran Fields. 1/1 First Invasion Site Visited Очко достижений
Invasion Witness Interviewer Очко достижений
Find the witness to the first invasion in Ascalon Settlement 1/1 Invasion Witness Interviewed Очко достижений
Portal Invasion Closer Очко достижений
Respond to five of Scarlet's portal invasion and be there when each one ends. 5/5 Invasions Ended Очко достижений
Portal Component Procurer Очко достижений
Retrieve the three components Emissary Vorpp needs to construct a portal from Scarlet's downed champions. 3/3 Portal Components Retrieved Очко достижений
Teleportation Facilitator Очко достижений
Help Emissary Vorpp build his portal device. Очко достижений