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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the Revenant-specific resource. Для the resource required for dodging, смотрите Endurance.

Energy is a profession mechanic for the revenant, representing the power of their current legend.


Energy functions similarly to the thief's initiative mechanic, although the revenant's skills still have a recharge time. Each skill (except auto-attacks) has an energy cost, and energy is replenished over time based on the revenant's current regeneration rate (default 5). While out of combat, the regeneration rate will move toward the 50% mark of the energy pool (before upkeep modifiers). While in combat, the regeneration will move toward 100% (before upkeep modifiers).

When swapping to a new legend, the energy pool is reset to 50%.


Certain revenant skills can be activated indefinitely, but, while active, they have an upkeep cost which acts as a negative modifier to the energy regeneration rate.

Skills with upkeep:

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