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An energy potion was a consumable item that restores energy upon usage. All players had a potion button attached to their energy bar. Clicking this button would consume one potion, which would return energy, giving the character a subtle visible effect[1] and putting the button into recharge. Out of combat, this recharge was shorter.[2]


  Name Energy restored Value
Small Energy Potion.jpg Small Energy Potion  ?  ?
  Energy Potion 625 1Серебряная монета 50Медная монета
  Moderate Energy Potion 800 1Серебряная монета 84Медная монета
Major Energy Potion.jpg Major Energy Potion  ?  ?
  Large Energy Potion  ?  ?
Heavy Energy Potion.png Heavy Energy Potion 1700  ?


In PvE energy potions could be purchased from some merchants.

During Structured PvP, players would receive a set number of potions to use. Each player would start each life with the same amount of potions, and this number would reset upon death. [3]


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