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The Exalted are true believers in Glint’s message of hope and peace, wholly dedicated to preserving Glint’s legacy...

GuildWars2.com The Exalted: Pure Dedication

The Exalted are a sect of spellcasters native to the Heart of Maguuma. They are humans changed into beings of energy by a forgotten ritual at the instruction of Glint. They are based in the golden city of Tarir.[1]


The Exalted came into being around the year 1028 AE (roughly 300 years before the events of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns).


  • Exalted Burnisher
  • Exalted Bastion
  • Exalted Sage



  • They resemble both the Enchanted (another form of construct related to the forgotten). Both in turn hold similarity to the mursaat's armor.


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