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Примечание Примечание: If you find a new exploit, please contact [email protected] and do not post it on this page to avoid advertising the exploit. Do not add information about how to modify the client or perform an exploit.

An exploit is the misuse of a software feature or bug in a way that allows a player to generate in-game benefits without the risk or time expected by the game's designers. It can involve the use of a third-party program and it includes generating currency, experience, or other things of value to players. It also includes actions that allow one player to gain a gameplay advantage over other players.

ArenaNet has demonstrated a willingness to temporarily suspend players for using exploits and permanently suspend (i.e. ban) those who purposefully and repeatedly make use of them.

Diminishing returns[править]

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Diminishing returns (DR) is a type of anti-farm code implemented to reduce the impact on the economy of [[bot]ting. To a lesser extent, it also provides some protection against exploits, whether known or not.


A hack uses an altered version the game client, gw2.exe.

Hack Description Observation notes
Teleport Player can move to any location on the map instantly. Involves manipulating the client into telling the server a false location. Used by bots to farm resource nodes or chest. Difficult to report because of how rapidly the character moves, so create a support ticket with the server, location, time/date and a description of the behavior.
Speed Player moves faster than normal, anywhere from a 1% to a 1,000% boost. Some versions allow the character to ignore certain control effects, e.g. chilled or immobilized. Used by bots to farm more quickly; used by players to gain advantage in WvW and sPvP. Difficult to detect minor abuses. Report suspected uses and support will be able to determine whether characters are using skills or hacks to move at the rate seen. Players will seem to move at regular speed, but will run into obstacles and seem to "lag", jumping to their actual position every few seconds.
Noclip Allows character to move through obstacles, purportedly because the collision-detection is performed by the client without validation on the server. Easily observed, since the character will literally walk through walls or other barriers. The character will appear to get stuck in terrain in strange locations or even underground. Sometimes the character will be literally be cut in half by the terrain.
Gravity Allows character to jump or fall farther than normal. If gravity can be set to a negative value, allows the character to fall upwards and jump over obstacles or avoid foes. Character shows a similar behavior as when modifying the speed. The character will seem to have missed a jump or run into an obstacle and will appear behind or atop the obstacle after a few seconds.
Dungeon teleport The teleport hack is used to bypass triggers in dungeons to skip portions of the dungeon or the entire dungeon. Dungeons takes place in a separate instance, making it unlikely for other players to report. Partially addressed by diminishing returns.


An exploit involves taking advantage of a in-game feature or bug.

Exploit Description Observation notes
Siege weapon blueprint transfer Although blueprints are soulbound, they can be dropped when equipped, allowing them to be passed to other players. Players will sell the blueprints to other players for coin. Players will spam the chat about selling blueprints, otherwise players will be unlikely to observe the actual trade.

Historical exploits[править]

These exploits have been removed from the game.

Exploit Description
Bulk ingredients Players used Karma to purchase mass quantities bulk ingredients, mixed them in various recipes, and sold to vendors for profit. This was combined with farming certain dynamic events that triggered frequently. Hundreds of players banned and food can no longer be sold to vendors.
Karma weapons The original pricing for some weapons involved a typo, reducing the karma costs by a factor of 1,000.[1] Players turned those items into income by combining them in the Mystic Forge and either salvaging for ecto or selling them via the Trading Post. This was combined with farming certain dynamic events that triggered frequently. Players taking advantage of this hundreds of times were banned; those taking advantage of it dozens of times were suspended. Those who were banned were allowed to regain their account by apologizing and promising to delete their wealth acquired through this method.[2] Some who tried to launder items or coin through others were re-banned.
Duping Some bugs in the game allow players to duplicate items, usually by using items in two or more different contexts at the same time. In August 2012 it was possible to use the mail system in combination with the crafting system to duplicate materials.
Dungeon reward exploit The reward for dungeon completion was meant to be subject to diminishing returns, yielding 20 silver for the first completion and 2 silver for every completion of a path after that. However, this was not in place everywhere until November 14th 2012; people switched to bugged servers to work around the intended mechanic.


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