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A feat is a combat related task that rewards players with a Daily Feat Chest when completed.[1] Feats are reset on a daily basis, and rewards include professional loot, additional experience or coin. A feat has several different tiers based on time and difficulty, where the rewards for completing higher tiers also improve.[2]

There are four different types of feats:[3]

  • Count based e.g. distance traveled, time spent fighting
  • How many different things are done during combat
  • Overcoming specific challenges
  • Skill based e.g. how fast you kill, how many creatures killed, length of kill streaks

Known feats[править]

  • 3 Enemy Types Killed
  • 5x Slaughter Bonus
  • 10 Total Kills
  • 25 Total Kills[4]
  • Killing Streak 1


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