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Disambig icon.png Эта страница finishing enemies in PvP. Для for the skill combination mechanic, смотрите Combo.
Downed enemy icon.

The term finish refers to finishing an opponent while they are in a downed state. This will defeat the enemy instantaneously regardless of their amount of health while downed. When near a downed enemy in PvP, the message "FINISH THEM!! [F]" is displayed. Interacting begins an action similar to a channeled skill which takes about 3 seconds to execute. Moving or being disabled will interrupt this action, but taking damage will not.


When activated, these will change the finishing animation into a special effect in PvP and WvW. These modifiers can be bought in the gem store, are a reward based upon your rank animal, or are a special reward during seasonal events such as Wintersday. They are solely an aesthetic reward.

Rank Reward
Gem Store Purchase


  • Quickness allows finishing opponents 50% faster
  • Some instant cast skills may be used without interrupting a finish