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Downed enemy icon.

A finisher is an action that is used to finish an opponent while they are in a downed state. This will immediately put the enemy in a defeated state regardless of their health while downed. When near a downed enemy in PvP, the message "FINISH THEM!! [F]" is displayed. Interacting begins an action similar to a channeled skill which takes about 3 seconds to execute. Moving or being disabled will interrupt this action, but taking damage will not. The finishing activation can be reduced with quickness.

Finishers can be changed for aesthetic purposes though the Finishers tab in the hero panel. The finishers are gained as a reward based upon your PvP Rank animal, can be bought in the Gem Store, or appropriately-themed seasonal events such as Wintersday. Limited-use finishers consume a use for each successful use of the finisher on a downed enemy.

List of finishers[править]

Finisher Acquisition
 Basic Finisher Default
 Rabbit Rank Finisher PvP Rank 1
 Deer Rank Finisher PvP Rank 10
 Dolyak Rank Finisher PvP Rank 20
 Wolf Rank Finisher PvP Rank 30
 Tiger Rank Finisher PvP Rank 40
 Bear Rank Finisher PvP Rank 50
 Shark Rank Finisher PvP Rank 60
 Phoenix Rank Finisher PvP Rank 70
 Dragon Rank Finisher PvP Rank 80
 Cow Finisher Limited-Use Cow Finisher
Permanent Cow Finisher
 Super Explosive Finisher Limited-Use Super Explosive Finisher
Permanent Super Explosive Finisher
 Whump the Giant Finisher Limited-Use Whump the Giant Finisher
Permanent Whump the Giant Finisher
 Spectre Finisher Limited-Use Spectre Finisher
Permanent Spectre Finisher
 Thornroot Finisher Limited-Use Thornroot Finisher
Permanent Thornroot Finisher
 Twisted Watchwork Finisher Permanent Twisted Watchwork Finisher
 Vigil Megalaser Finisher Limited-Use Vigil Megalaser Finisher
Permanent Vigil Megalaser Finisher
 Mad King Finisher Limited-Use Mad King Finisher
Permanent Mad King Finisher
 Scarecrow Finisher Limited-Use Scarecrow Finisher
Permanent Scarecrow Finisher
 Gift Finisher Limited-Use Gift Finisher
 Snowman Finisher Limited-Use Snowman Finisher
 First Place Trophy Finisher Permanent First Place Trophy Finisher
 Second Place Trophy Finisher Permanent Second Place Trophy Finisher


  • Prior to the August 6, 2013 update, all finishers were consumable items that lasted for a limited duration.