First Mate Horrik

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First Mate Horrik is an Aetherblade boss encountered in the Aetherblade Retreat dungeon together with the Mai Trin. He carries a cannon from an airship, using it as a gun instead of a normal rifle.

Combat abilities[править]

First Mate Horrik mainly throws projectiles at players. He has two types of cannonballs: fire and electric. Both create area of effect fields of their respective type, with the fire field setting players on fire as well as doing damage. He also has knockback attacks that he will use. If players focus on him and kill him first, Mai Trin will go to him and revive him. When Mai Trin is defeated, Horrik gains Frenzy.

  • Knockbacks
  • Cannon Attacks (fire and electric)
  • Frenzy (when Mai Trin is defeated)
  • Unshakable


Players must take advantage of his electric fields to remove the Captain's Shield effect from Mai Trin.