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Tyria is home to over two hundred unique species of fish, and they can’t escape you anymore. Take your skiff and rod or kick back on shore to reel in ingredients for delicious local cuisine. Your next big catch could be the key to victory in fishing events.

— Official site

Fishing is a Mastery that allows characters to catch fish with a Fishing Rod. It is available exclusively through the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons expansion.



Файл:Fishing mechanics.jpg
(1) Controllable bar. (2) Difficulty of the pond (red, yellow or green). (3) Level of fishing party bonus. (4) Progress bar of fishing progress.
  • You can fish from docks, the shore, or from your skiff. You can set your lure in fishing nodes, or in any open water.
  • A Lure or Bait must be equipped via the Equipment tab in the Hero panel to fish. If a lure and bait is not equipped on the current character, a message in red text will appear on the screen telling the player to equip either one. Lures and bait can be purchased from a Fishing Supply vendor.
  • To start fishing, click the button on the left of the skill bar. After using Cast Line you can Set Hook when you see the red "!" appear above your character's head, splashing around the bobber or hear the sound cue. To reel in the fish, keep following the green bar with your orange marker by using Reel In Left and Reel In Right, or using the left and right movement keys until the bar below is filled.
  • A Lure has a set amount of "charges". When a fish is caught, one charge is consumed, similar to gathering tools. Bait can be equipped by the stack, and is consumed in a similar fashion.
  • Fishing Power increases the chance to catch a fish of higher rarity, and increases the size of your marker when fighting fish.
  • There are over 200 types of fish available all over Tyria, including Ascalon's notorious catfish, Old Whiskers.

Related masteries[править]

# Мастерство Треб. опыта Очки Описание
Сумма Очки мастерства

List of fishing skills[править]

Файл:Fishing bite (overhead icon).png
Icon for a fish biting the line.
# Умение Прицеливание на землю Время активации Время перезарядки Описание Notes
 Cast Line
Описание умения не найдено.
1 Redirect Arrow.png
 Set Hook
Описание умения не найдено. Replaces Cast Line after the line is cast.
 Reel In Left
Описание умения не найдено. Only available after the hook is set.
Pressing the key bound to "Strafe Left" also performs this action.
 Reel In Right
Описание умения не найдено. Only available after the hook is set.
Pressing the key bound to "Strafe Right" also performs this action.
 Reset Line
Описание умения не найдено. Only available after the line is cast or the hook is set
 Angler Sense (Fishing skill)
Описание умения не найдено.

Fishing holes[править]

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Fishing holes are a gathering node unique to fishing. They are circles of disturbed water that appear within water masses across the world, and also within the areas of certain events and renown hearts. Open world fishing nodes are not infinite but will respawn after 10 minutes.

Casting the lure within a fishing hole produces different results than fishing in open water.

List of fish[править]

Основная статья: List of fish



  • Regarding the development of fishing, space was intentionally left for this feature during the development of the Core game:

Some Chefs out there may have noticed that there is not a single recipe with fish in it. Nor do fish in the rivers, lakes, and oceans of Tyria drop fish meat. This was all done intentionally.
We aren’t going to have fishing on [2012] release and we may not even have it any time soon (initial expansions/Live updates), but there is a place for it when the time comes.

Linsey Murdock, 2012 beta event forums

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