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The Flame and Frost story content progresses over time. You will not see everything today, tomorrow, or even the next day. Expect subtle changes at first. Maybe you’ll encounter some familiar characters. Perhaps you’ll be introduced to some new ones. You might see a new structure where there wasn’t one before. The Living Story content is initially about the thrill of discovery. We’ll put some markers on your map, maybe send you a letter, or parcel out details through certain characters, but the rest is up to you. As the weeks progress, you’ll notice bigger changes in the world. New events may appear. Plots will advance and characters will develop.

— Bobby Stein, Lead Writer

Flame and Frost is an achievement category for achievements that tracks the events of Flame and Frost. This category contains a series of achievements specific to the storyline that unfolded in Tyria.

Living Story.png


Name Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Alliance Breaker
Complete the following achievements for Flame and Frost: Refugee Volunteer, Lost and Found, the Gathering Storm, Secret Contact, and Avenger of the Dispossessed.
Rewards a Fused Gauntlet Ticket on completion.
1/5 Achievements completed
+25 Очко достижений
3/5 Achievements completed
+25 Очко достижений
5/5 Achievements completed
+25 Очко достижений
Refugee Volunteer
Refugees traveling south from Wayfarer Foothills to Hoelbrak, and Diessa Plateau to the Black Citadel are in need of assistance. Collect mementos, light campfires, and aid the refugee migration.
1 Acts of Assistance
+1 Очко достижений
15 Acts of Assistance
+1 Очко достижений
40 Acts of Assistance
+1 Очко достижений
75 Acts of Assistance
+1 Очко достижений
Title: Volunteer
Lost and Found
Refugees in Lion's Arch lost many things on the journey to the city. Returning their belongings may encourage them to discuss the events that drove them from their homes.
x/1 Refugee Possessions Returned
+1 Очко достижений
x/3 Refugee Possessions Returned
+1 Очко достижений
x/6 Refugee Possessions Returned
+1 Очко достижений
The Gathering Storm
Invaders are attacking in Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau. Take them down before they can displace more refugees!
1 Invaders Killed
+1 Очко достижений
30 Invaders Killed
+1 Очко достижений
60 Invaders Killed
+1 Очко достижений
100 Invaders Killed
+1 Очко достижений
150 Invaders Killed
+1 Очко достижений
Secret Contact
Agent Brandubh is trying to find and translate dead-drop messages from his partner, who is undercover in the dredge-Flame Legion alliance. Get a cryptotranslator from Agent Brandubh. It will help locate the dead drops across Diessa Plateau and Wayfarer Foothills and then decrypt them for you.
1 Dead Drops Translated
+1 Очко достижений
6 Dead Drops Translated
+4 Очко достижений
12 Dead Drops Translated
+10 Очко достижений
Braham: Help from the Legions
Braham, a young Norn claiming to be Eir Stegalkin's son, visits Rytlock Brimstone in his Black Citadel office and requests troop support to defend his homestead.
Witnessed Braham's encounter with Rytlock
+1 Очко достижений
Braham - Eirsson Prerequisite: Braham: Help from the Legions
Given Tribune Brimstone's refusal, Braham has no choice but to go to Hoelbrak and ask Knut Whitebear to send Wolfborn to help defend his homestead.
Witness Braham's meeting with Knut Whitebear
+1 Очко достижений
Braham - Retake Cragstead Prerequisite: Braham - Eirsson
Having received no support from Rytlock or Eir, Braham enlists your help to retake Cragstead, in the Wayfarer Foothills, from the Molten Alliance.
Helped Braham retake Cragstead
+1 Очко достижений
Rox: Critical Mission
Rytlock Brimstone meets Rox in the Imperator's Core, where the defense quorum is debating. He assigns her a mission for which she will need support.
Witnessed Rox's Meeting with Rytlock
+1 Очко достижений
Rox - The Hatchery Prerequisite: Rox: Critical Mission
Rox has orders from Rytlock to secure assets at the devourer hatchery northwest of the town of Nolan in Diessa Plateau. She would appreciate your support.
Helped Rox defend the hatchery.
+1 Очко достижений
Hero's Aid
Successfully complete all of the Rox and Braham Living Story Instances.
5 Rox and Braham Living Story Instances complete
+10Очко достижений
Rage Against the War Machine
Destroy a Molten Alliance weapons facility in Wayfarer Foothills or Diessa Plateau.
Molten Facility Destroyed
+10Очко достижений
Avenger of the Dispossessed
Once the Molten menace was eliminated, your allies returned home for closure. According to reports, Rox is visiting the jail in Black Citadel, and Braham is heading to Knut Whitebear's loft.
Followed Up with Rox or Braham
+5Очко достижений
Followed Up with Rox and Braham
+5Очко достижений
Title: Avenger of the Dispossessed
A Rallying Flame
Commemorate the completion of the Flame and Frost story arc in Lion's Arch, Hoelbrak, or the Black Citadel.
Story Arc Completed
+10Очко достижений
Total 147Очко достижений


  • Players completing Refugee Volunteer received a Refugee Child's Drawing via in-game mail.
  • A Rallying Flame could be completed by interacting with any of the Victory Bonfires available in each of the cities during the final to Flame & Frost or during late May 2013.
  • These achievements cannot be achieved anymore since Flame and Frost was concluded May 14th 2013.


  • One of the achievement titles resembles the name of a rap-metal band, Rage Against the Machine.
  • This achievement tab used to be called "Living Story" but was changed to "Flame and Frost" in the May 28th 2013 update.

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