Forest of Niflhel

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Forest of Niflhel

The Mists
Control capture points to gain score for your team, first team to a score of 500 wins. Kill neutral NPC's
for 25 points and powerful buffs!

— In-game description

Forest of Niflhel is a structured PvP map. It is a conquest map with three capture points and powerful NPC monsters as the secondary mechanic.

The various paths of the forest are what makes this map interesting. It is usually very easy to access any of the capture points by using the paths, especially since the paths are largely obstructed from view from the more open areas. The upper path which runs behind the Keep allows both teams to quickly get to either of the NPC bosses to claim their buffs, or to assault the Keep from above. Similarly, the southern path, while being more open, allows players to quickly reach either the Mine or the Henge, though they can be spotted when running past the opposing side's base. Fast movers, especially thieves and mesmers who can stealth, shadowstep and/or teleport, should be able to accomplish this task with little trouble.


Capture points[править]

Respawn areas[править]

  • Blue (south-west)
  • Red (south-east)

Secondary Mechanics[править]

NPC monsters spawn after some time and then after every 3 minutes in the north-western and north-eastern corner. Defeating them grants your team 25 points and a short-time buff (+50 to all stats). NPCs include:


  • Svanir and Chieftain Utahein have a 3 minute respawn time.


  • In Norse mythology, Niflhel was a realm for people who died an unheroic death.
  • During the Beta, when you managed to capture the keep the message "That Keep is yours. Keep it!" appeared. When you lost it, the message "You couldn't keep the Keep" appeared instead.
  • A sign posted outside an entrance to the Mine area is written in New Krytan, saying: "Warning: Broodmother".