Forsaken Thicket

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the raid. Для the mastery track, смотрите Heart of Maguuma mastery tracks#Forsaken Thicket.

Forsaken Thicket

Magus Falls
Connects to
Verdant Brink
Forsaken Thicket is the first raid to be released in Guild Wars 2. Attempts at bosses within this raid and completing events awards Skill.png Magnetite Shards, the zone's currency.

Getting there[править]

  • The portal for entering the Forsaken Thicket raid is located in the far northeast corner of the Verdant Brink map. There is an icon that shows the portal on the game map. The portal can be reached by heading east from Jaka Itzel Waypoint, or north from Shipwreck Peak Waypoint. You must join a raid Squad before you can enter the portal.



Область Локации
Spirit Vale
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Abandoned Outpost
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Bandit's Rest
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Gorseval's Perch
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Mysterious Pylons
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River of Spirits
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