Fractal weapons

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Fractal weapons are a set of account bound weapon skins that drop in Fractals of the Mists.



Hand Skin name
Main Hand
Skill.png Fractal Axe
Skill.png Fractal Dagger
Skill.png Fractal Mace
Skill.png Fractal Pistol
Skill.png Fractal Scepter
Skill.png Fractal Sword
Off hand Skill.png Fractal Focus
Skill.png Fractal Warhorn
Skill.png Fractal Torch
Skill.png Fractal Shield
Terrestrial Skill.png Fractal Greatsword
Skill.png Fractal Hammer
Skill.png Fractal Longbow
Skill.png Fractal Rifle
Skill.png Fractal Shortbow
Skill.png Fractal Staff
Aquatic Skill.png Fractal Harpoon
Skill.png Fractal Speargun
Skill.png Fractal Trident



Staff, Focus, Warhorn and scepter lack the trail effect the other skins share.


Файл:Fractal Weapon Info Box.jpg
Example of a Fractal weapon's info box, showing no attribute stats or sigils on the weapon.
  • Before the Fractured release, Fractal weapons had level 80 exotic weapon strength, an upgrade slot, and no attribute bonuses. Each required using a Transmutation Crystal to have attribute bonuses.