Frozen in Ice

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Frozen in Ice


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Frozen in Ice is the third part of A Crack in the Ice.


Blending In
  • Find the Svanir hive.
  • Acquire a Svanir helm.
  • Acquire a Svanir chestpiece.
  • Acquire Svanir leg armor.
  • In your inventory, click on a piece of Svanir armor to disguise yourself.
  • Enter the Svanir hive's main lodge.
  • Talk to the seer about getting cold protection.




Frozen in Ice

Simply complete the episode.




Entering the Svanir hive's main lodge
Svanir Seer: We've used all the thaw elixir. Go and gather ingredients to make more.
Svanir Brute: (wordless grunt)
Svanir Seer: Why do I have to do everything myself? Because I'm surrounded by idiots.
Svanir Seer: You there. Get out. We have no more elixir.
Speaking to Svanir Seer
Svanir Seer: Did you not hear what I said, you grunting mongrel?
<Character name>: I can help.
Svanir Seer: You speak? Hmmmm. You have power around you. Potential.
<Character name>: Help make 'lixir.
Svanir Seer: Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. You obviously don't have the intellect of a sorcerer, but perhaps...perhaps you could be my assistant.
Svanir Seer: Listen closely. First. Go out and gather the ingredients on this list I'll give you.
Svanir Seer: After that, you must find the hottest, purest water source. Heating water with fire will not do. It must come from Tyria's heart.
Svanir Seer: That is where you will put it all together into the elixir. Bring it back here. Do not drink it. Do you understand? Do not drink it.
<Character name>: Uggghhhh. Yes. Bring back.


My story[править]

Файл:Bitterfrost Frontier loading screen.jpg

The Svanir were a challenge, but nothing I couldn't handle. Once I'd acquired some of their armor, it was a small thing to fashion a disguise that would get me in. I played dumb, and they gave me what I needed: arecipe for a thaw elixir. I got out with my skin intact. I call that a success. Now, off to find the ingredients.

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