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The traits, utility items, and runes listed here increase one attribute based on a percentage of another attribute. All conversions are done before other conversions are taken into account so the value gained from them is not factored in to any other conversions. Multiple conversions are of the same stat are additive so two 7% conversions will be 14% total.

Conversions are based on stats from the following sources:

Attributes that do not count:

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Condition Damage[править]

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Healing Power[править]

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Related utility items[править]

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All basic utility items convert stats, see here.

Related runes[править]

Rune Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3 Bonus 4 Bonus 5 Bonus 6


link-3DSuperior Rune of the Baelfire Superior Rune of the Baelfire +25 к Power.png силе +10% к продолжительности Burning 40px.png горения +50 к Power.png силе 25% шанс получить Vigor 40px.png энергию на 5 секунд при ударе. (Откат: 25с) +100 к Power.png силе +20% к продолжительности Burning 40px.png горения; 50% шанс при ударе призвать кольцо огня. (Откат: 30с)


link-3DSuperior Rune of Snowfall Superior Rune of Snowfall


Condition Damage

link-3DSuperior Rune of Scavenging Superior Rune of Scavenging +25 Condition Damage.png Урон от состояний 25% chance when struck to cause your next attack to steal life. (Cooldown: 25s) +50 Condition Damage.png Урон от состояний After using your healing skill, your next attack skill steals health. (Cooldown: 10s) +100 Condition Damage.png Урон от состояний 7% of Vitality.png vitality is converted to Condition Damage.png Урон от состояний.
link-3DSuperior Rune of the Undead Superior Rune of the Undead