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Game Developers Conferences are events aiming at video game developers, with a focus on sharing knowledge and experiences. While not open to the public and not focused specifically on Guild Wars 2 (or even MMORPGs), ArenaNet has attended some of those events and made presentations about GW2.

Game Developers Conference[править]

The officially titled Game Developers Conference (or GDC) is the largest of such events. Organized by CMP Game Group, it was first held in 1988, and since then has been held at least once a year. ArenaNet attended the conference in March of 2010, represented by art director Daniel Dociu, who gave a presentation about the art direction of Guild Wars 2. The slideshow that accompanied his speech featured various pieces of concept art from both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Days after the conference, this slideshow was released at ArenaNet's official YouTube channel as a four part video:

China Game Developers Conference[править]

Sponsored by the China Game Publishers Association, the 2010 China Game Developers Conference was held from July 30th to August 1st. ArenaNet was once again represented by Daniel Dociu, who made a new presentation about Guild Wars 2's art direction. The slideshow which accompanied his speech, featuring many never seen before pieces of concept art, was made available at ArenaNet's YouTube channel:

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