Giganticus Lupicus

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the extinct race of giants. Для the foe that appears in Guild Wars 2, смотрите Giganticus Lupicus (NPC).
Concept art of the Risen Giganticus Lupicus, by Kekai Kotaki.

The Giganticus Lupicus, also known as Great Giants or True Giants, were an ancient race of gigantic bipeds that walked the world long before modern historical records. Virtually nothing is known of their physiology, culture, or history, only that they were last on continental Tyria around 10,000 BE, and that, according to the Durmand Priory, they became extinct during the Elder Dragons' previous rise.

The only observed member of the race is a Risen, corrupted by Zhaitan, within The Grand Temple of the Pantheon. What it was doing in the City of the Gods, and how it ultimately became enthralled to the undead Elder Dragon, is unknown.


  • Lupicus is a Dog Latin word reminiscent of lupinus, which means "of or relating to wolves" or "wolf-like". Thus, giganticus lupicus can be roughly translated to mean "giant wolf" or "wolf-giant". The only known Great Giant's features also somewhat resemble that of a jackal.
  • A gw.dat entry indicate that the huge skeletal remains found primarily around the Crystal Desert and the Desolation were intended to be giganticus lupicus, however those skeletons would suggest a species around the size of the Elder Dragons. The creature depicted in Guild Wars 2 is much smaller, indicating either the skeletons are in fact of a different race, full grown adults and the undead Giganticus Lupicus is a juvenile, or simply that a retcon has taken place to make the Great Giants smaller than previously established.
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