Grand Piazza

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Grand Piazza

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Lion's Arch

The Grand Piazza is located at the center of Lion's Arch. It is a multi-plaza area which acts as a hub to other places in the city and it includes the Gate Hub Plaza. It connects Trader's Forum, Western Ward, Eastern Ward, and Fort Marriner.

Locations and objectives[править]

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Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint
Points of Interest
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Commodore's Manor
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Lion's Court
Asura Gates
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Hoelbrak Asura Gate
Asura gate (map icon).png
Black Citadel Asura Gate
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The Grove Asura Gate
Asura gate (map icon).png
Rata Sum Asura Gate
Asura gate (map icon).png
Divinity's Reach Asura Gate
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Gate Hub Plaza



Robert Trinitie
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Ambient dialogue[править]

Citizen (1): Another glorious day in the plaza! Folks from all over... shopping... talking...
Citizen (2): You should see what it's like during a festival!
Citizen (1): That would be wonderful! When's the next one?
Citizen (2): Wait and see, kid. Wait and see.
Scholar (asura): I'm forming a guild with just asura and norn. It's called "Brains and Brawn."
Hunter (norn): Why not sylvari and golems? You could call it "Sticks and Stones."
Citizen (1): I love this city.
Citizen (2): Which part? The corruption? The crime? Or the undead?
Citizen (1): The sunsets. The gardens. The markets. The neighbors saying hi.
Citizen (2): Are we living in the same city?
Citizen (1): Yes we are. And I love this city.
Citizen (1): Will ya look at this? So many people.
Citizen (2): [sinisterly] And so much money to make.
Adventurer (human): You know where I can find a temple? I need to make an offering.
Citizen (asura): I wouldn't know. Gold is my god.
Adventurer (human): That's sacrilige! I thought you guys believed in...some kinda alchemy.
Citizen (asura): That's science. This is business. I'm not here for enlightenment. I'm here for profit.
Traveler: Why do so many notorious killers and brigands roam freely around the city?
Lionguard (1): Hey. Killers and brigands kept this city alive after the flood.
Lionguard (2): They've always been a big part of the Lion's Arch economy. And its charm.