Great Jungle Wurm

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the Caledon Forest champion. Для the Bloodtide Coast world boss, смотрите Triple Trouble.

The Great Jungle Wurm is an enormous Jungle Wurm and World boss in the heart of Wychmire Swamp, south of Twilight Arbor. Although it spawns Summoned Husks and Nightmare Hounds, Gamarien believes its presence there is the result of a "much darker force" than the Nightmare Court, and simply defeating it is not enough to clear the local corruption.


Maguuma Jungle


The Battle for Wychmire Swamp

Combat abilities[править]

  • Frost Siege - The wurm slowly coils itself up and then whips around, dealing damage in a small point-blank area of effect and firing multiple projectiles in random locations within a much larger point-blank area of effect. The smaller attack can hit a single target up to 7 times, inflicting Poison.png Отравление and 1 stack of Bleeding.png Кровотечение for 5 seconds with each hit. Projectiles inflict Poison.png Отравление and 1 stack of Bleeding.png Кровотечение for 5 seconds on hit and create a point-blank-on-target area of effect cloud. These clouds last for 10 seconds and pulse every 2 seconds, Poison.png poisoning for 8 seconds with each pulse.
  • The wurm sits up straight and roars, Fear.png Страхing enemies in a point-blank area of effect for 5 seconds.
  • The wurm bites down on a nearby Veteran Summoned Husk, consuming it to heal itself. This skill has a very short range and doesn't always immediately occur when a husk gets within range.



  • The Great Jungle Wurm's corpse will not disappear. When the meta event chain has restarted, the wurm will wake up and go back underground.

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