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Targeting is a game mechanic for selecting a specific NPC or object. Targeting is used to focus on a single target, and is a vital part of combat as skills will aim at the current target and skills function based on the distant and direction a target is compared to your position. For example, skills that retreat will move the character away from their current target compared to moving directly backwards from the direction the character is facing without a target.

Some skills require a target in order to be activated (eg. Phantasmal Berserker), while others can be used regardless despite having a single-target behavior (eg. Fireball). Projectile skills which don't require a target and are fired without a target will take player's and camera's directions into account to determine projectile's path, for example, one could move their camera up and down while firing projectiles to see how free-form projectiles pathfinding works.

Ground targeting is another mechanic for targeting where a player chooses a specific location in the game world to activate a skill. Ground targeting is typically used with skills that have area of effect due to their imprecise nature.


If auto-attacking is enabled and skills are queued while you killed a foe, the AI will automatically target the next foe in range and auto-attack.

  • In Options, disable Auto Targeting. You can now choose a key to target the nearest foe manually: Options | Control Options | set Targeting Foe - Nearest to a hotkey of your choice.
  • In Options | Control Options | set Targeting: Hold Lock to a hotkey of your choice. This locks the auto-target as long as you hold that key down and will automatically auto-target the next foe again when you let go of that key.

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If the skill is not automatically targeted at a foe's location, it can be ground-targeted, setting up areas of effect in the player's choice of location.

  • Using the skill will bring up highlighted area of target which can be aimed and subsequently activated with a mouse click.
  • Enabling the option of fast-cast ground targeting in Options -> Interactions 'Fast-Cast Ground Targeting' allows ground-targeted skills to be immediately aimed at your cursor's current position and activated.
  • Ground-targeted skills can be used regardless of character facing and can hit targets within the AOE even if they would normally be obstructed (i.e. if they are behind a corner). However, there must still be a clear line of sight between the player and the point targeted, or a "No Line of Sight" message will pop up.
  • Most skills which can be used underwater don't have ground targeting, instead the effect is either applied at caster's location or targeted foe's location.

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