Guild Promoter

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A Guild Promoter is a type of vendor who sells influence points for your Guild in exchange for coins.

Levels of influence purchased:

  • Toast to the Guild - For the cost of a few drinks we'll toast your guild and increase the guilds influence by 10 points. Cost: 10 Серебряная монета
  • Drinks on the House - Purchase drinks for the nearby villagers, compliments of your guild. This will increase the guilds influence by 100 points. Cost: 1 Золотая монета
  • Drinks for the City - Enough alcohol to share with the entire city. A night of celebration of everyones favorite guild. This will increase your guilds influence by 1,000 points. Cost: 10 Золотая монета
  • Drinks for a Week! - The citizens of the surrounding area wont soon forget your guilds generosity as you host a week of revelry and celebrate your achievements. Increases the guilds influence by 10,000 points. Cost: 100 Золотая монета

Note: Above purchases come from Nolan in Divinity's Reach. Promoters in other cities may be worded differently.