Guild Puzzle

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It's a puzzle and a jumping challenge all in one! This mission type requires multi-group coordination as well as individual jumping skills to get to the treasure at the end.

— Official website

20px Guild Puzzles are open world guild missions where members work together to complete a large multi-room puzzle with various elements, including jumping sections. They are very similar to an advanced mini-dungeon with multiple sections, such as Flame Temple Tombs or Vexa's Lab, but require the coordination of multiple players to complete.


A guild leader triggers the puzzle from the influence tab of the guild panel. The guild is assigned one of 3 different guild puzzles and has 20 minutes to complete it. Each puzzle has a waypoint outside the entrance that will become uncontested once that guild puzzle is activated. Players will need to use another nearby waypoint until activated.


The Guild Puzzles Unlock upgrade requires Architecture level 6, costing 30000 Influence and 10 days build time, as well as already having acquired the Guild Challenges Unlock upgrade. The Guild Puzzles Unlock costs 250 Guild Merit.png and 50000 Influence and takes 1 week of research. It takes an additional 200 Influence and 24 hours of research to build a Guild Puzzle; you can stock up several in advance.


Member rewards[править]

Members of a guild that successfully finish the rush receive the following rewards:

Guild rewards[править]

Guilds that successfully complete a puzzle will receive 30 Guild Merits.

Non-guild member rewards[править]

Reward caps[править]

  • Each member can only receive the individual rewards once per week; this resets at midnight UTC Sunday morning.
  • The guild can only earn merits from this mission once per week. There is only one tier for this mission.

Possible puzzles[править]

Puzzle Zone Area Closest Waypoint Time Limit Notes
Angvar's Trove Snowden Drifts Angvar's Trove Angvar's Trove
30 minutes
Langmar Estate Plains of Ashford Langmar Estate Langmar Estate
20 minutes
Proxemics Lab Brisban Wildlands Proxemics Lab Proxemics Lab
20 minutes