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Guild Wars 2 является сиквелом серии игр Guild Wars от ArenaNet. Начало разработки положено в 2007 году, закрытые альфа и бета-тестирования намечены на 2011 год, но точная дата выхода все еще не была объявлена. Было объявлено о большом количестве новых возможностей которые совпадают с традиционными MMORPGs, таких как постоянный мир и максимальный уровень в 80, но ArenaNet описала ее как сгусток нетрадиционных элементов.

"Она не заставит вас провести часы приготовлений для веселья, вместо того чтобы просто веселиться."

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Процесс разработки и информация о выходе[править]

Guild Wars 2 has been in development since 2007 when it was first announced to the public. It is still in pre-alpha and alpha testing and some game mechanics are still being designed and redesigned by the ArenaNet team. Beta testing is slated to occur late in 2011. No release dates have been announced, as the game will be released "when it is ready". The release dates will be set when ArenaNet are happy with the beta test results.

Since Gamescom in 2010, ArenaNet have made playable demos available to convention attendees. In each of these demos the game systems presented to players have increased and shown evolution and change. A YouTube search will uncover considerable footage of Guild Wars 2 gameplay from these conventions.

A collector's edition of the game will be released. Although its contents have not been finalized yet, it has been confirmed that collector's edition will not contain The Art of Guild Wars 2.


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There are two fixed aspects to any character created: race and profession.

The selection of one of five playable races determines the appearance of the character and gives a flavor to the character in combat with versatile racial skills and through a personal storyline with the unique themes and history of the race. The selection of one of eight available professions determines most of what the character is capable of doing. It restricts the armor type wearable, but more importantly determines how the skill bar is built through the unique game mechanics of the profession, the weapons that can be wielded, and the skills and ability modifiers available. The profession abilities have been emphasized over racial abilities to make sure that each race is equally able to play each profession.

A character can be used to play any game mode available in Guild Wars 2: PvE, Structured PvP and World PvP. A player may still have multiple characters. The game is designed to be viable for both solo and group play.

Персонажи Guild Wars 1[править]

Characters from the original Guild Wars will not be migrated to play in Guild Wars 2, though some player achievements are translated through the Hall of Monuments, which grants titles and new items. Character names will be able to be reserved.

Система боя[править]

Бой в Guild Wars 2 построен вокруг трёх ролей: урон, контроль и поддержка. Урон просто уменьшает здоровье врага, контроль лишает возможности врага делать то, что он хочет, а поддержка заключается в сотрудничестве с союзниками. Каждая профессия может использовать любую из этих ролей. Некоторые профессии могут иметь преимущество в какой то роли, но нет персонажа, преобладающего в отдельно взятом направлении. Для примера, не существует профессии ,которая концентрируется на лечащем аспекте поддержки - лучшими лечащими способностями, доступными в игре являются способности вынужденого самоотхила

Бой разработан под тактическую составляющую; предметы окружения могут быть использованы в качестве оружия, положение тела может влиять на умения, а умения, которые применяют союзники, игрок может использовать для создания новых эффектов. Даже действия в поверженом состоянии могут неожидано изменить ход битвы.

Игрок против окружения (PVE)[править]

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Underwater exploration is said to be a major part of Guild Wars 2.
Guild Wars 2 features a zoned persistent game world which is split across multiple game servers.

Guild Wars 2 has a significantly larger world than that of Guild Wars.[1] Underwater explorable areas are a significant part of some zones, some of which have over half of the area underwater. These underwater areas are designed to be easily accessible and fun places to explore for all players so there aren't any breath meters or time limits. The underwater areas have new friendly races and their own events.

A day/night cycle, faster than real-time, is present in the game and some events will occur and monsters appear depending on the in-game time. There are also weather effects. The interior of houses and buildings in the environment are accessible.

Система Событий[править]

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Instead of a traditional quest system, there are dynamic events. As the world is explored, objectives become revealed by occurrences around the player. For example, a town under attack is identifiable by the destruction caused by enemies and townspeople fleeing. Participating in defending the town gives rewards whether the event succeeds or fails. There are over 1500 events that can occur in a dynamic system based on player action or inaction in the world. Participation in these events thus affects the state of the world.

Личная история[править]

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In the 250 years since the events of Guild Wars, the Elder Dragons have awoken. As massive forces of nature, these dragons have wrought destruction across the continent of Tyria, forever changing its face and its inhabitants. The player is thrown into the midst of this destruction. Each character has its own biography which affects the story and how non-player characters react. As the game progresses, organizations can be joined and situations approached in different ways; these influences change the experience of the story as it advances towards the final confrontation with the Elder Dragon, Zhaitan. There are therefore thousands of different story permutations possible.

Much of the story between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is elaborated on in the novels set in the intervening years; Ghosts of Ascalon and Edge of Destiny.


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Guild Wars 2 has a robust crafting system of eight different disciplines which can be changed at any time without losing progress. Leveling the disciplines is designed to allow the player to only need to craft items for themselves as they progress the game without grind. Harvesting doesn't prevent other players from also harvesting from the same resource.


Mini-game activities are provided in major towns.

Игрок против игрока (PVP)[править]

Структурированное PvP[править]

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There are two main forms of organized PvP: a tournament based game with evenly organized teams, and pick-up play where individuals or groups can hot-join a map depending on a variety of settings similar to some first-person shooter. Players entering organized PvP get a fixed level and any items necessary to ensure an even footing.

Мировое PvP (World versus World)[править]

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World versus World is a casual but competitive player versus player mode featuring large, continuous, objective-based battles between a few matched servers. Players of any level can come and go, using the skills and equipment that they currently have. The winning worlds gain particular benefits, such as better prices at merchants.


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Игрок может присоединиться к любому количеству гильдий, выбрать какую гильдию он будет представлять тем или иным персонажем в любое время. Разработчики ввели некоторые опции для поддержки гильдии, которые включают систему достижений гильдии, календарь, а также возможность присоединиться к гильдии с веб-браузером.

Покупка и оплата[править]

Как и Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 будет требовать начальной покупки игры. Абонентская плата так же отсутствует. Весь дополнительный контент будет предоставляться в течение долгого времени. В Guild Wars 2 будут микро-транзакций похожие на те, которые предлагаются в Guild Wars.[2]

Игровой движок[править]

Guild Wars 2 uses a heavily modified Guild Wars game engine which includes support for true 3D environments, more detailed environments and models, better lighting and shadows, new animation and effects systems, plus new audio and cinematics engines and a more flexible combat and skill-casting system.[3] It uses Havok to provide destructible environment and ragdoll animation of creatures[4] and Umbra's occlusion culling technology.[5]

Required system specifications have not been released. The aim is for Guild Wars to run great on 'mainstream' or 'mid-range gaming' PCs.

There will not be "click-to-move" control system, [6] but target-locking will be available.

Музыкальное сопровождение[править]

Джереми Соул (Jeremy Soule), композитор для серии игр Guild Wars, вернулся, чтобы написать музыку для Guild Wars 2.

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