Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

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The cycle is reborn.

— Official website

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the third expansion pack for Guild Wars 2. It was announced on March 12, 2020.[1] Its title, along with a teaser trailer, was revealed on August 25, 2020.[2] Currently, it is stated to be released in 2021.[3]




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  • Despite its name, it has been stated by the developers that End of Dragons is not the end of the Guild Wars 2 storyline.[4]


  • Connor Fallon has the title of Story Design Lead on the project.[5]
  • Kwan Perng has the title of Narrative Lead on the project.[6]
  • The Sunqua Peak Fractal is supposed to give players a first taste of Cantha without spoiling the visit in End of Dragons.[7]
    • The fractal originally contained new assets from the End of Dragons expansion; however, they were removed from the final version of the fractal.[8]
  • During the Extra Life 2020 charity stream:
    • Echovald Forest and Shing Jea were confirmed to be explorable by Matthew Medina and Tracey West.
    • It was hinted that there were several easter eggs not yet discovered in trailer for End of Dragons. Soon after, a flag with an icon looking like the Aetherblades emblem was found, and was confirmed to be correct later during the stream by Rubi Bayer.

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