Guild Wars 2 10th Anniversary

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Celebrate Guild Wars 2's 10th anniversary! Complete new achievements and earn the Decade armor set.

— Official description

The Guild Wars 2 10th Anniversary is a bonus event that was available from August 23, 2022 and seeked to celebrate the game's first decade since its launch on August 28, 2012. Therefore, it made new rewards available to players in the form of giveaways, permanent achievements, permanent new skins for weapons and armor, as well as free gifts in the Gem Store. The celebrations also included the launch of the game on the Steam platform along with the first drops campaign on Twitch.

Participating and duration[править]

Duration Activity
August 23 — 30, 2022 Boost
Permanent Achievements
August 23 - Permanent Steam release
August 23 - 28, 2022 Twitch drops
August 23 - 31, 2022 Giveaways

Achievements and rewards[править]

Steam release[править]

Файл:Steam Announcement.jpg
Guild Wars 2 on Steam.
Основная статья: Steam
See also: Guild Wars 2 on the Steam store and the Steam FAQ
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  • Two special ingame bundles have also been prepared, offering quality of life upgrades at a discounted price: Skill.png Steam Welcome Pack and Skill.png Steam Elite Jump-Start Package.
  • Reminder: existing Guild Wars 2 accounts can’t be linked to Steam and vice versa, but players can meet and play together ingame and enjoy the anniversary event!

Twitch drops[править]

From August 23 at 12 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) to August 28 at 11:59 p.m. (UTC-7), you can earn in-game rewards for watching any Twitch channel broadcasting Guild Wars 2.

To enable drops
  • From the Guild Wars 2 website
  1. Go to
  2. Connect your account with your Twitch Account
  • From
  1. Go to
  2. Click on your profile button in the top right.
  3. Click on "Drops".
  4. Navigate to the "All Campaigns" tab.
  5. Select Guild Wars 2 and follow on-screen prompts to connect your Guild Wars 2 account with your Twitch account.
  • Alternate method from
  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to a Guild Wars 2 stream with drops enabled.
  3. A notification should show up at the top of the chat box with information on enabling drops.
  4. Follow on-screen prompts to connect your Guild Wars 2 account with your Twitch account.
Time Drop
30 minutes 20x20px Heroic Booster (3)
1 hour Revive Orb.png Revive Orb
2 hours Skill.png Mini Baby Mount Container
4 hours Transmutation Charge (item).png Transmutation Charge (10)
6 hours Skill.png Glowing Purple Mask
8 hours Total Makeover Kit.png Total Makeover Kit
10 hours Skill.png Guild Wars 2 Classic Outfit Selection


Gem Store[править]

Date Item
August 16 — 17
August 23 — 24*
Black Lion Chest Key.png Black Lion Chest Key
August 19 — 20
August 23 — 24*
Total Makeover Kit.png Total Makeover Kit
August 23 — September 13 Skill.png Life with Friends Box‎‎
August 26 — September 16 20x20px Communal Boost Bonfire
August 30 — September 20 Skill.png Black Lion Special Mount Selection License
September 02 — 23 Black Lion Claim Ticket.png Black Lion Claim Ticket
* If not claimed in the previous days.


Every day till 28 August, 2022, a new giveaway is posted on the official Twitter account. To participate, players have to send a screenshot with something they like about the game for a chance to win, with the task changing every day.

Date Item Task Where to participate
August 18 — 19 Skill.png Dragon's Watch Regalia (10) Player's Pact Commander Tweet by Guildwars2
August 19 — 20 Skill.png Infinite Volatile Magic Gathering Tools (9) Favorite End of Dragons zone Tweet by Guildwars2
August 20 — 21 Skill.png Skyscale Ascension Mounts Pack (8) Favorite mount Tweet by Guildwars2
August 21 — 22 Skill.png Runecrafter's Salvage-o-Matic (7) Favorite meta event Tweet by Guildwars2
August 22 — 23 Skill.png World Boss Portal Device (6) Favorite world boss Tweet by Guildwars2
August 23 — 24 Skill.png Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey (5) Favorite fractal encounter Tweet by Guildwars2
August 24 — 25 20x20px Home Portal Stone (4) Favorite legendary weapon Tweet by Guildwars2
August 25 — 26 Skill.png Floating Garden Skiff Skin (3) Favorite fishing spot Tweet by Guildwars2
August 26 — 27 Skill.png Armistice Bastion Pass (2) WvW moment Tweet by Guildwars2
August 27 — 28 Skill.png Permanent Bank Access Contract (1)
Skill.png Permanent Trading Post Express Contract (1)
Favorite city Tweet by Guildwars2
August 28 — September 04 Skill.png Celebration Hat (100) Favorite memory Tweet by Guildwars2




Celebrating 10 Years of Guild Wars 2!

Ten years ago, the launch of Guild Wars 2 opened a new window into the world of Tyria. Three expansions, five seasons of Living World releases, and countless updates later, we're still inspired by the dedication of the game's fans.

To commemorate this anniversary for new and veteran players alike, we've added a series of new achievements taking you across the game to earn Proofs of Legend, which you can trade for the new Decade armor set. If you're busy this week, no need to worry — these achievements and the armor set will be available permanently. Characters who are turning ten themselves will also be receiving an extra Proof of Legend to kickstart their collection — if you have extras, you can trade them for some treats to share with your friends.

It's an honor to share this world with you. Thanks for playing, and here's to many more years of adventuring in Tyria!


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