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Join your fellow guild members to take on an entirely new category of content! These missions, designed for coordinated group play, include everything from bounties to group puzzles to cross-country challenges. You’ll need to work together to complete the missions and earn new Guild Merits, which can unlock cool upgrades and rewards. It pays to be in a guild!

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Guild missions are a type of mission exclusive to guilds. The missions reward guild merits, a form of currency.

Типы миссий[править]


Guild Missions must be unlocked in a given order, shown in the table below together with the research costs in influence and merits, the time to complete and the tech level prerequisite.

Unlock Tech tree (Level) Influence Merits Time Other
Guild Bounty Art of War (5) 30,000 Influence Guild Merit.png 3 days Enables earning of merits.
Guild Trek Economy (6) 50,000 Influence 30 Guild Merit.png 7 days Requires Guild Bounty
Guild Rush Politics (6) 50,000 Influence 80 Guild Merit.png 7 days Requires Guild Trek
Guild Challenge Art of War (6) 50,000 Influence 150 Guild Merit.png 7 days Requires Guild Rush
Guild Puzzle Architecture (6) 50,000 Influence 250 Guild Merit.png 7 days Requires Guild Challenge

Each mission requires 1 day of research and 200 Influence, after which it may be activated at any time.


Each guild mission type has certain criteria for completion. Guild Bounty requires that all the bounties are found and defeated within a certain time period, whereas Guild Rush requires that a certain number of guild members successfully complete the rush within the time provided.


Player rewards

Players who help complete a mission while representing a guild which has that mission active will receive the following rewards:



  • none


These personal rewards can only be earned once per account, per week, per type of guild mission. This leads to a maximum of 4 personal rewards per week (Guild Treks do not yield a personal reward.) For example, completing 2 guild bounties will only grant one set of rewards, but then completing a Guild Rush will grant another set of rewards.

Guild rewards

Guilds which successfully complete a mission will receive Guild Merits. Like the personal rewards, these are limited to a certain number per week from each mission type.


  • You can receive rewards from guild missions that are started on a world that you are guesting to.
  • The once per week restriction on rewards applies per account, not per guild.
  • Guild Mission merit reward weekly reset time: Sunday 00:00 UTC – same time as the daily reset.