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The guild panel (G or Shield icon in menu bar) contains information about a player's currently represented guild (1), such as tag (3), Message of the Day, influence (4), world (2), upgrades, and membership.


The panel is divided into five sections; Main, Roster, Upgrades, History and Ranks.


This section shows a list of your account's guild affiliations. Upon selecting a guild, it will show the guild name, tag, and server, number of members online/total number of members, latest guild history item, current influence total, Message of the Day, and a sortable list of guild members (showing status, name, location). Also at the bottom of this section is the Represent/Stand Down button that allows you to change which guild you are currently representing.


This section displays a list of current members, shows information on each member and invite new members to the guild. Each column in the list shows the following information about guild members:

  • Status: shows if a member is online and representing (green square), online and not representing (green square with a grey dash through it), or offline (grey square).
  • Rank: a members current rank. If you have the permissions, right-clicking on this allows you to change the member's rank.
  • Name: members account name and current character name (in brackets).
  • Location: the location in the world that the member is currently in.
  • World: the server the member is on.
  • Profession: profession of members character.
  • Level: members current level.
  • Crafting: the crafting disciplines the member can currently perform and their crafting levels.
  • Achievements: achievement points the member has accrued.

Each column may be collapsed using a column filter.


This section is where influence is spent to purchase upgrades for the guild[1]. Current upgrades are listed along with 4 categories (5) of obtainable upgrades (6); Politics, Art of War, Economy, Architecture. A build queue is also displayed showing the current progress of an upgrade installation (8).


This section shows the history of the guild. It can be sorted by four selections: Influence, Message of the Day, Roster, and Upgrades. The default is "All".


This section displays a list of ranks for the guild. Permissions (e.g. Guild Stash access or Guild Emblem editing) are shown for each rank. Ranks may be created or deleted depending on the permission level of the user.


Guild panel of a new player

This section displays a list of guilds the player has been invited to and is currently a member of. If the player is not a member of any guilds, this menu will be the first menu display when accessing the guild interface[2]. Players may leave a guild permanently through this menu also. The guild management section may be accessed from either the main section in the guild interface or at a guild registrar.

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