Hall of Monuments Portal Stone

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Hall of Monuments Portal Stone

Тип предмета
«Unknown» не входит в список (Junk, Basic, Fine, Masterwork, Rare, Exotic, Ascended, Legendary) допустимых значений для свойства «Has item rarity».
Привязка к аккаунту
Игр. ссылка

Double-click to travel to the ruins of the Hall of Monuments.

— Внутриигровое описание

The Hall of Monuments Portal Stone is a special item that is used to teleport characters to the Hall of Monuments. It enables eligible players to obtain rewards available to those that link their Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts.


The portal stones are free and can be acquired in two ways.


  • The stone cannot be destroyed unless you confirm your intent by typing the name of the item in the relevant dialogue box. This must be done in a concise manner with all capital letters as they appear in the item name. eg Hall of Monuments Portal Stone not hall of monuments portal stone.
  • Using the stone in the Hall of Monuments returns you to your initial location.


  • The item was added to Scornheart's inventory to make it easier for characters to get the item, if they did not have it in inventory upon creation.
  • It shares the icon with the Data Core trophy.

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