Hero's Band

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Heroes are made from ordinary people put in extraordinary circumstances.

+2 Power.png Сила
+2 Precision.png Точность
+2 Toughness.png Прочность
+2 Vitality.png Живучесть
+2 Condition Damage.png Урон от состояний
+2 Ferocity.png Свирепость
+2 Healing Power.png Сила исцеления
Upgrade Slot.png Unused Upgrade Slot

— Внутриигровое описание

The Hero's Band is a ring available with all pre-purchased[1] versions of Guild Wars 2.


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When you log in to Guild Wars 2 and create a character, you will be able to obtain the Hero's Band via the in-game mail system.[1] The mail is titled "Special Item Delivery". If you have purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition, there will be two such mails.



Special Item Delivery

Please find attached these special items for you to enjoy. Each newly created character can only receive these items once. Thank you for playing Guild Wars 2!

20x20px Hero's Band


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