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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the achievement. Для the user interface, смотрите Hero.

Герой это достижения категория для достижений зарабатывается продвижением в вашей персональной истории и помощи людям .
Всего может быть достигнуто 28 геройских достижений .

Name Лента 1 Лента 2 Лента 3 Лента 4 Лента 5 Лента 6 Лента 7 Лента 8
Местный герой (Полные Сердца)
Настоящий герой посвящает время убийству драконов для помощи людям в целом .
x10 +5Arenanet Points.png  ?  ?  ? - - - -
Ваша линия умений просто восхищает .
x10 +5Arenanet Points.png  ?  ?  ?  ? - - -
Мгновенная отзывчивость Героя
Всегда протянет року или меч для свершения добрых дел. Вы пойдете всегда где присутствуют действия.
x15 +5Arenanet Points.png  ?  ?  ?  ? - - -
Dungeons Discovered
Chasing evil out of the dark places it hides
x? +5Arenanet Points.png  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Lifetime Survivor
Only mostly unkillable
200k exp
+5Arenanet Points.png
 ? - - - - - -
Name Points
Crime and Punishment
Through your valor and a thirst for justice, you have earned the trust of Logan Thackeray.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Family Reunion
You have dealt with your past. You may now join the world moving forward.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Storming the Castle
You have saved Queen Jennah from an insidious plot.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Graduation Day
Your brains and brawn have been tested, but you have stopped an Inquest plot.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Legacy Code
Your quick thinking and actions stopped an error in your past from causing disaster in the present.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Something Lost, Something Gained
Despite a setback, you find yourself ready to embark on a larger adventure.
+10Arenanet Points.png
For the Legion!
You have brought the heat to the Flame Legion.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Bloodying the Past
You have faced down the past, proving once again your might and wits.
+10Arenanet Points.png
From Howl to Silence
Your honor is restored. However, you must now prepare for a greater danger.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Rising to the Challenge
Today, you have proved your strength stopping a growing threat to the norn.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Things Best Left Behind
You have cleaved an embarrassment from your past.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Brawn over Brains
You destroyed the Dredge weapon and brought a fellow norn back on the path of destiny.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Waking from the Nightmare
You have awakened from the Dream and beaten back the Nightmare threat.
+10Arenanet Points.png
A Season of Growth
Some victories are bittersweet, but they are victories nonetheless.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Branching Out
You have made sure the dead stays dead.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Staying Organized +10Arenanet Points.png
A Friend in Deed
You have come to the aid of another race under threat by the dragons.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Wipe Them Out...All of Them
You liberated Claw Island from the undead and swore to strike back at the heart of Orr.
+10Arenanet Points.png
I Will Let My Fear Pass Through Me
You have faced your worst fear and emerged triumphant.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Defending History; Informing the Future.
You have become a full member of the Durmand Priory.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Some Must Fight, That All May be Free.
You have become a full member of the Vigil.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Know What Cannot be Known
You have become a full member of the Order of Whispers
+10Arenanet Points.png
Savior of Tyria
You are counted among the great heroes of Tyria.
+10Arenanet Points.png
Been There, Done That
Seeking Zhaitan's corruption in every corner of Tyria.
Title: "Been There, Done That" +5Arenanet Points.png


  • Most titles contain references:
    • Crime and Punishment is a novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
    • Wipe them out, all of them is a Darth Sidious's quote in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.