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Hero points are used to progress characters through profession reward tracks.


Skill training[править]

Profession reward tracks are used to unlock specializations, skills, and traits.

  • Core specialization reward tracks — unlock traits for a specialization. Fully unlocking a specialization costs 60 points, although the cost of individual traits varies based on the type and tier. Traits are unlocked in the following order:
    • Adept minor - 2 points
    • Adept major - 3 points
    • Master minor - 4 points
    • Master major - 5 points
    • Grandmaster minor - 6 points
    • Grandmaster major - 8 points
  • Skill reward tracks — unlock skills of a certain skill type. Fully unlocking all skills for a profession costs 98 points, although the cost of individual skills varies. Skills are unlocked in the following order:
    • Healing skill - 2 points
    • Utility skills - between 2 – 5 points, depending on tier and profession
    • Elite skills - 9 points (except engineer, 8 points)
  • Elite specialization reward tracks — unlock new skills, traits, weapon type, class mechanics, upgrade components, and skins


  • With the Hero points gained only from leveling a character to level 80 it is possible to unlock all core skills and traits entirely.


  • Skill point.png Skill points were replaced with hero points:
    • Characters with skill points in excess of those earned by leveling and skill challenges gained Spirit Shards.
  • 20px Trait points will be replaced with hero points:
    • Trait guides or trait specific tasks will not be required to unlock traits.

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