Hidden Garden

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Hidden Garden


Hidden Garden is a jumping puzzle east of the Infinite Coil Reactor in Mount Maelstrom. To get here, you must complete an event to kill one of four keepers that spawn across the Mount Maelstrom zone. Once defeated a portal to the Hidden Garden will open.

The chest from this puzzle rewards 2 Empyreal Fragments.

Tip: Bring a friend. There are no waypoints in the area, so if you're there alone and you die you will either have to use a waypoint outside of the jumping puzzle to revive and then find a new event to get back to the area, or carry a Revive Orb with you.

Getting there[править]

The Hidden Garden puzzle has a unique method for reaching the area. Players must find one of four events in Mount Maelstrom and slay the keeper to open a portal leading to the Hidden Garden area.

The guardians seem to have a 15 minute reset clock.


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