Hologram Projector

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Dragon Bash
This content was only temporarily available during Dragon Bash.

Hologram Projector

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«Y» — не булево значение (да/нет).
Hologram Projectors are interactive objects found during Dragon Bash. They are located throughout Tyria, except for Southsun Cove and Orr.


In its non-interactive state, the projectors look like eight-sided metal disks on the ground. When active, they project a ghostly image of a dragon above the disk and display as a red dragon icon on both the mini- and world-maps.

If you interact with a projector, it will cause an AoE knockback, interrupting all nearby creatures, including allies and foes. It will also spawn a group of Holographic Dragon Minions that are scaled to the area level. In addition, the dragon icon will disappear from the map, even if the foes are not destroyed. Each projector takes 5-15 minutes to reset.


The foes that spawn are holographic versions of standard dragon minions. They have the same skills as their non-holographic counterparts, but do not share immunities or other passive abilities-- for example, the holographic Destroyers are subject to burning. Minions always drop a Piece of Zhaitaffy, have a higher drop rate for Dragon Coffers compared to other foes, and share normal loot table drops with their non-holo counterparts.

Types of foes, by corresponding dragon[править]

The possible foes that will spawn when interacting with the door correspond with the dragon minions.

  • 2 Icebrood Wolves
  • Icebrood Troll
  • Icebrood Colossus
  • 2 Branded Charr
  • Branded Devourer
  • Branded Minotaur
  • 2 Destroyer Trolls
  • Destroyer Crab
  • Destroyer Harpy
  • 2 Risen Drakes
  • Risen Knight
  • Risen Abomination