Hunger Royale

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Several Assassins from the blue team.

Eliminate the opposing teams. Waypoint travel is prohibited, and will result in forceful removal from the Hunger Royale dimension.

— In-game description

Hunger Royale was the finale event for Beta Weekend Event 3, taking place in Metrica Province. For the event players were transformed into Assassins and split into four teams: Red, Blue, Green, and Gold with the simple goal of defeating the other teams.

The event's mechanics involved two major elements, limited resources and hunger. Assassins were given a rifle for their weapon skills but a limited amount of ammunition for the rifle's abilites, with their slot skills being filled out with rations as a healing ability and several utility abilities, all with limited uses as well. The hunger mechanic would cause the Assassin to constantly lose health, requiring them to eat the rations in order to stay alive. Supplies, including ammunition, rations, and the various utility items, could be found around the map however, allowing an Assassin to re-supply their skill bar and continue fighting.

During the first round any defeated Assassins would respawn at their team's base. After fifteen minutes the elimination round would begin, and any defeated Assassins would instead respawn as a Helper Golem with several abilities to assist the remaining team members.


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As an Assassin[править]

Skill Recharge Description
 Shoot Skill shot. Fire a bolt in the direction you are facing. Uses 1 ammunition charge.
 Sniper Shot 5 Charge up a shot. Charge longer for more damage and more range. Uses 1 ammunition charge.
 Jump Shot 10 Jump to target location. Uses 1 ammunition charge. Steals ammo from foes you land on.
 Rifle Bash 5 Push your foe back with your rifle butt. Does not use ammo.
 Exploding Rations 1 Drop fake rations that explode when an enemy gets near them.
Shield Wall.png
 Shield Wall
 Assassin's Cloak 1 Gain stealth.
Teleport (Hunger Royale).png
1 Shoot lightning in random directions, teleporting to the target location.
Teleport could only be acquired by picking up a Teleportation Device found on the ground.

As a Helper Golem[править]

Skill Recharge Description
 Drop Ammo 5 Drop ammunition for an assassin to pick up.
 Reveal 20 Release a burst of magical energy to reveal enemies on the map.
 Bubble 40 Create a dome around you that reflects projectiles.


  • The Assassin's uniform was made up of the Pirate Captain's Outfit and Aviator Sunglasses dyed to their team's color.
  • The Hunger effect during the event would keep players in combat, disallowing them from using Waypoints anyway.
  • There were no chat channels for the individual teams, making it easy to overhear strategies from the opposing teams.
Passive effects granted by profession mechanics were not turned off during the event, causing the Guardian's Virtue of Resolve to offset the Hunger effect. [1]
Some players entered the event as a Helper Golem. [2]
Using a Tonic and then deactivating it or dying would remove the Helper Golem form, allowing the player to continue playing as an Assassin but without the Hunger effect. [3][4]