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— Внутриигровое описание

The Ice Breaker is a gleaming mallet of indestructible ice. It first came to the attention of the Monastery Scribe of Shing Jea Island around 1075 AE as one of a number of new items previously unknown to our world. It was said to be of fine craftsmanship, but both Tyrian and Canthan weaponsmiths denied any prior knowledge of it. No more is known about the weapon's origin, but it was taken from the corpse of a mighty grawl in Talus Chute, by the Ascendant who would later defeat the Great Destroyer. It was subsequently placed in the Hall of Monuments, where it has been guarded by the Ascalonian ghosts there ever since. There, it waits for a hero worthy of its power.


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  • This weapon was designed by a community contest winner.