Inquest Golem Mark II

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The Inquest Golem Mark II is a golem and World boss created by the Inquest.


Maguuma Jungle


Combat abilities[править]

The Inquest Golem Mark II will frequently cover multiple sections of the observation platform with persistent AoE patches of electricity that last for 6 seconds. Players standing in the electricity will take tremendous damage and become crippled for 5 seconds every 1 second, but summoned allies and pets will not be affected.


  • Asura Golem Machine Gun


  • The electricity on the platform is the only noticeable threat during the encounter with Inquest Golem Mark II, as it can down and defeat players in seconds if the electricity is not avoided. Invulnerability skills have no effect against electricity on the platform.
  • Inquest Golem Mark II's difficulty has been increased with the September 17th, 2013 update.


  • Its appearance closely resembles the Prototype X golem.

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