Invader's Armor

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Invader's Armor
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Invader's Armor is exotic level 80 armor that can be acquired in exchange for Badges of Honor from any Armor Master located in Borderlands maps in World versus World. Fine, masterwork, and rare versions can be exchanged for Karma from Karma Trader - Equipment Trader at the same location. It is soulbound upon acquisition. The Fine and Rare are level 30 and the Masterwork is level 25.

  • The armorsmith offers two versions of the armor: one which can be exchanged for Karma, and the other which can be exchanged for Badges of Honor. The Karma equivalent is a different skin, does not match a complete set, and has mis-matched icons.
  • Light Invader's Armor (karma) shares the same helmet skin as Masquerade armor (rare crafted), while the rest shares the same skin as Apprentice armor (basic drop).
  • Light Invader's Armor (badges) appears to be an unique skin.
  • Medium Invader's Armor (karma) shares the same skin as Duelist armor, which is bought from various karma vendors.
  • Medium Invader's Armor (badges) appears to be an unique skin.
  • Heavy Invader's Armor (karma) shares the same skin as Chain armor (crafted), Chainmail armor (basic drops) and Worn chain armor (basic drops).
  • Heavy Invader's Armor (badges) shares the same skin as Heavy plate armor, which is bought from various karma vendors.

Attribute bonuses and costs[править]

Invader’s armor has Сила, Прочность, and Живучесть, equivalent to a "Soldier's" prefix.

Armor Costs
Armor Fine Masterwork Rare Exotic
Head 1323 Karma.png 4032 Karma.png 14 301 Karma.png 295 Badges of Honor.png
Shoulders 1176 Karma.png 3584 Karma.png 12 712 Karma.png 260 Badges of Honor.png
Chest 1911 Karma.png 5824 Karma.png 20 657 Karma.png 354 Badges of Honor.png
Hands 1323 Karma.png 4032 Karma.png 14 301 Karma.png 213 Badges of Honor.png
Legs 1764 Karma.png 5376 Karma.png 19 068 Karma.png 331 Badges of Honor.png
Feet 1323 Karma.png 4032 Karma.png 14 301 Karma.png 236 Badges of Honor.png
Total 8820 Karma.png 26 880 Karma.png 95 340 Karma.png 1689 Badges of Honor.png

Alternatively, the armor can also be purchased for a combined cost of coin and badges. This is only possible by speaking with an Armor Master. It is available (and separated) in Soldier's (Invaders), Knights, Carrion, Clerics, Berserkers, and Rabid. Note that this NPC also has a tab for "Other" armor, which includes skin consumable items. These have no inherent stats, but only alter the look of the armor they are applied to. They can only be used once, and do not require a Transmutation Stone.

Armor Costs - Combined coin and badges
Armor Coin Badges
Head 88 Серебряная монета 150 Badges of Honor.png
Shoulders 94 Серебряная монета 165 Badges of Honor.png
Chest Золотая монета 200 Badges of Honor.png
Hands 80 Серебряная монета 120 Badges of Honor.png
Legs 96 Серебряная монета 185 Badges of Honor.png
Feet 86 Серебряная монета 130 Badges of Honor.png
Total Золотая монета 44 Серебряная монета 950 Badges of Honor.png