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Isle of Reflection

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Isle of Reflection

Guild hall
Connects to
Shing Jea Island

Isle of Reflection.jpg
Isle of Reflection

Stake a new guild domicile—in reimagined Canthan nostalgia.

— Official site

The Isle of Reflection is an upcoming Guild Hall in End of Dragons. It is a beachfront area located at the place of the former Shing Jea Arena, with plenty of water suitable for skiffs and fishing.


By longstanding tradition, full-scale arena combat was prohibited on the rural island of Shing Jea in Cantha, out of reverence for the monastery of the same name. As the students at the monastery required a place to train various combat arts, however, the Shing Jea Arena was constructed on the tiny island of Tinnairukan south of the larger landmass. The location was selected because it was close enough to train, but separated from Shing Jea Island itself.[1]

After founding the Ministry of Purity, Minister Reiko Murakami and her ward and nephew Ashu visited the garden of Tinnairukan once every week. While the Ministry continued tightening its grip over Cantha with plans to exterminate or expel any undesirable elements—including the Afflicted, criminals, peasants, and non-humans—Reiko's niece, the assassin Miku, felt that Reiko had to be stopped before she would shape Ashu and Cantha to her ideal and trade Canthans' freedom for ironclad security where only Reiko's chosen would thrive.

In 1079 AE, Miku allied with the Hero of Nightfall's party and confronted Reiko and Ashu at the island's garden, using the element of surprise to catch the pair off guard when they had fewer guards around them than usual. Impressed that her niece finally had the courage to face her, Reiko tried to break Miku's resolve with her words before the Hero interjected and openly challenged Reiko about manipulating the Hero earlier to advance her own ends. Realizing that the dispute with the zealous minister could no longer be settled with words, Miku and the Hero resolved to assassinate Reiko whose guards rushed to the rescue.

Reiko proved to be a powerful mesmer and strong in her conviction, however, and would have triumphed in battle if not for the timely arrival of other groups that had been affected by the Ministry of Purity's actions and whom the Hero had helped survive earlier. The Hero's allies ranged from the Angchu tengu led by Soar Honorclaw to wronged Shing Jea residents, some atoning Ministry soldiers who had realized that Reiko's methods were too extreme, as well as the criminal Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood gangs. Ever zealous, Reiko defiantly fought to the bitter end, proclaiming that she would die a martyr and someone else would inevitably finish the work she had begun to purify Cantha from undesirable elements. In the battle's aftermath, Ashu chose to remain in the Ministry and become its new leader, claiming that he would be seen as a symbol of hope and that he would not repeat Reiko's mistakes. A somber Miku respected her younger brother's wish and bid him farewell, leaving the island along with the Hero and their allies.[2]


  • Large arena for PvP


  • This expedition is a little different from the former three, as it is focused on smaller encounters with better scaling for smaller groups.
  • It is also more focused on story and includes both already familiar characters and new characters you meet in the expansion.



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    Miku: Knowing what I know now...there's no way I can leave things alone. I can't forgive Reiko for what she has done. The only words I have for her now will be spoken by my daggers.
    <Character name>: And what of Ashu? Do you still think that he can be saved?
    Miku: I still think there's a chance. I have to believe that there is. With a strong enough will, anything in this world can be overcome. Now is not the time to falter.
    Miku: I've learned that there is a garden where Reiko and Ashu go, once every week. They are still guarded, but not as heavily as they are when they are within the city.
    <Character name>: That sounds like our best chance to get at them. I want to avoid any more innocent people being caught up in this, or hurt by this, if it's possible. When do we leave? [...]
    Miku: When this all started, I don't think any of us knew that we would end up here. I wanted to believe that there could be a better way, but the Ministry of Purity has become overly zealous. They're too dangerous... to themselves, and to others. The people that are following them truly believe that what they're doing is right, and that's the greatest threat.
    Miku: The only chance we have to stop this now is by removing Reiko. She won't stop until she has guided Cantha to her ideal. It is true that she has done good for the people, but at what cost? You know as well as I do how things will end. The only people that will be safe are Reiko's chosen. I could never live in a world that trades freedom for security. That's not really my thing... Heh.
    Miku: I've been able to come this far because you have been there. So what do you say, hero? You've saved Cantha once before; will you help me save it now?
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