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Jade Sea

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Jade Sea


Hundreds of years ago, the Jade Wind petrified everything it touched—even the waters off Cantha’s coastline. Luxon nomads adapted to a world where seafaring happens on foot, and modern innovators are still finding uses for the Jade Sea’s unusual bounty.

— Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons - The Jade Sea

The Jade Sea[1] is an upcoming map in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.


End of Dragons


Early history[править]

Prior to the devastating Jade Wind, the Jade Sea was a normal inland sea, so named for its color. At some point, the Luxons arrived and made their homes in the waters, choosing to become a nomadic group sailing across the clear waters. Alongside the Luxons, peaceful naga inhabited the sea, trading with humans and peacefully living along the shoreline.

In 1382 CC (872 AE), Emperor Angsiyan arrived at the Harvest Temple for an annual prayer to the goddess Dwayna. His bodyguard, Shiro Tagachi, influenced by the fallen god Abaddon, struck him down, and was soon slain by the assassin Vizu and the Kurzick and Luxon champions Saint Viktor and Archemorus. However, in his last moments, he let out a death wail that petrified the sea, turning everything in it to literal jade.

Leviathans froze in blocks of jade where they lay. With their habitat turned to stone, local sealife adapted to become land-dwelling. Far beneath the surface, the Deep formed, where the demon Kanaxai would spread his influence. The naga population dwindled to the point that only twenty or so individuals remained.

After the Jade Wind, the Luxons attempted to adapt to the familiar water now transformed into unfamiliar, strange crystal formations. They began mining pure Jadeite from the sea, to be sold to the people of the Empire of the Dragon.



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